The API key

The API key is like a password that a software application understands. It's used to make sure that the application is allowed to use your data on Hipsy, like getting your events and recent orders. Every API key is conntected to an user so that we know which data can be accessed.

Create a new API key

You can easily create a new API key in your Hipsy dashboard. Note that an API key is binded to an user and not an organisation. Follow these steps to create an new API key:

  1. Login to your Hipsy Dashboard
  2. Click in the left side bar on the organisation name and click on 'Koppelingen'
  3. Click on the right corner on button 'Nieuwe API key' and give your key a name. For example: my wordpress website.
  4. Save your API key. Your API key is visible once!

Keep your API key secret!

Whith the key you will have access to data of the organisations your Hipsy account has access to.

Delete an API key

On the same 'Koppelingen' page described as above. You can also delete an existing API key. Click on the button Intrekken to remove an API key.

Right after you deleted the API key, connected applications won't have acces to your data anymore.