API reference

List events

With this API you can list all events of the selected organisation.


Make a GET request to the following endpoint with the API Key.


The URL parameter organsation-slug is the slug of the organisation to get the events from. This slug can be found in the Hipsy dashboard in menu 'Organisatie' and tab 'Profiel'. Or you can retrieve the slug in the List organisatie API.

Changing the slug

Be aware that if you change the slug of the organisation in the Hipsy dashboard, you need to update your API endpoints as well.

The following parameters are available and can be passed in the URL as GET parameters.

periodoptionalCan be either past, upcoming or allupcoming
limitoptionalCan return up to 100 events25
pageoptionalPage selection in case there are more results than the given limit.1


An array will be returned with the events.

idThe ID of the event
titleThe title of the event
locationThe location of the event
latitudeThe latitude of the location of the event
longitudeThe longitude of the location of the event
pictureURL of the picture of the event
picture_smallURL of the small picture of the event
dateDate of the event when the event start
date_untilDate of the event when the event ends
url_hipsyURL to the event page on the Hipsy website
url_ticketshopURL to the ticketshop of the event
qr_ticketshopQR image which contain the URL to the ticketshop
ticketsArray of the configured tickets of the event. See table tickets array

Tickets array

idThe ID of the configured ticket
typeCan be either ticket or donation
nameName of the configured ticket
descriptionDescription of the configured ticket
pricePrice of the configured ticket
statusCan be either sale, sold, insible or not_available
availableThe amount of tickets available to buy. If unlimited the value will be 99999.
sale_startStart date when the ticket is available to buy. Will be null if not provided
sale_endEnd date until the ticket is available to buy. Will be null if not provided


    "data": [
            "id": 1032,
            "title": "Ecstatic Dance Universe - Kareem",
            "description": "Description of the event\n\nAll the info of the event",
            "location": "Amersfoort, Nederland",
            "latitude": "52.1561113",
            "longitude": "5.3878266",
            "picture": "https:\/\/cdn.hipsy.nl\/images\/events\/pic1.jpg",
            "picture_small": "https:\/\/cdn.hipsy.nl\/images\/events\/pic1.jpg",
            "date": "2023-03-01T20:07:00.000000Z",
            "date_until": "2023-02-28T23:07:00.000000Z",
            "url_hipsy": "https:\/\/hipsy.nl\/event\/1032-ecstatic-dance-universe-kareem",
            "url_ticketshop": "https:\/\/hipsy.nl\/shop\/1032-ecstatic-dance-universe-kareem",
            "qr_ticketshop": "https:\/\/hipsy.nl\/qr\/ticketshop-1032.png",
            "tickets": [
                    "id": 83,
                    "type": "ticket",
                    "name": "Early Bird",
                    "description": "",
                    "price": 17.5,
                    "status": "sale",
                    "available": 7,
                    "sale_start": "2022-03-22T10:07:00.000000Z",
                    "sale_end": null
    "links": {
        "first": "https:\/\/api.hipsy.nl\/v1\/organisation\/ecstatic-dance-universe\/events?page=1",
        "last": "https:\/\/api.hipsy.nl\/v1\/organisation\/ecstatic-dance-universe\/events?page=1",
        "prev": null,
        "next": null
    "meta": {
        "current_page": 1,
        "from": 1,
        "last_page": 1,
        "links": [
                "url": null,
                "label": "« Previous",
                "active": false
                "url": "https:\/\/api.hipsy.nl\/v1\/organisation\/ecstatic-dance-universe\/events?page=1",
                "label": "1",
                "active": true
                "url": null,
                "label": "Next »",
                "active": false
        "path": "https:\/\/api.hipsy.nl\/v1\/organisation\/ecstatic-dance-universe\/events",
        "per_page": 25,
        "to": 1,
        "total": 1
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