Getting started

Hipsy provides tools and API's to connect your account with your own website or application. In this documentation we describe all options that are currently available.

The API Key

What is an API key and why do I need it? Learn how you can create your API key

API reference

Learn how to use the API to connect your organisation with your own app.


Connect with 4000+ other apps on Zapier.

Upcoming integrations

Currently, we offer a limited set of API's and plugins, but we do have plans to extend this. If you need a specific kind API or plugin which we don't provide yet, please let us know by sending an email to

The following integrations are on our to-do list to develop:

  • An easy plug-and-play module to integrate the ticketshop on your own website.


Help for plugins and development tools are always welcome! You are free to create your own app to connect HIpsy to another website builder or application. Once finished and working well, we can list your app here in the plugins docs.

Do you need any extensions of the API to make your ideas possible? Please send us a mail to and describe what you need and the idea about your app.